Sunday, October 18, 2009

Children's Room Mural

Here's the mural I designed & painted in my daughters room last October, about 24 hours before my due date (luckily she came 5 days late, much like her mother to every event she has ever been invited to, haha.) I had a lot of fun decorating her room trying to use found objects (a.k.a. trashpicking) & things I already owned. The only thing I bought was the paint.

Oh, wait, I just remembered I bought her rug at Pottery Barn, which pretty much cancels out any savings I achieved through trashpicking.  

We have a ritual of saying goodnight to the owl before bedtime, where I would tell her to kiss him, say goodbye, etc....which is just my way of saying: LISTEN BABY, I PAINTED THIS OWL FOR YOU AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT, OKAY??

So far, so good.

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