Monday, October 26, 2009

Spooky Wine Bottle Labels

These are some fun wine bottle labels I designed at work for Halloween 2010. Text & Design Layouts done by me, illustrations from iStock.

Sadly, even though I am trained as an illustrator and would LOVE to draw my own illustrations for projects like this, I am rarely given the opportunity because of the amount of time it takes......I could spend a few hours making some vector art, or I could spend a few minutes and download some "good enough" art from iStock. Which do you think my boss prefers???

And if you are an illustrator, looking into submitting to iStock, please reconsider! They pay you a ridiculously low comission, like 10 cents (YES, 10 CENTS!) every time someone downloads your art, while charging the downloader $10- $20. Oh, It's a sad, sad time to be an illustrator with $16K of student loan debt

On that note, Happy Halloween!! 

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