Thursday, December 31, 2009

Personalized Photo Calendar

Every year I decide I will make everyone's Christmas gifts, and every year I tell myself it will only take a couple hours (when it really takes 10), every year I freak out when I run out of time, ask why, oh why did I ever think this was a good idea, followed by the vow: I will never do this again....

Fast forward one year, repeat. :)

This was one of those nightmare gifts that took waay longer than anticipated, not only because of design time, but also because I was fighting with the printer for 90 minutes, and just could not figure out how to get it to print properly double sided on 11 x17 paper. I've designed & printed catalogs many times and never had a problem, but the printer techs at my work changed something on the machines and all my saving setting no longer work....also, the printer may hate me.

Of course you can always get a photo calendar made at Snapfish, etc, but you don't have the ability to customize dates and put monthly "Fun Facts" like I did on this calendar (Selena's 3rd Birthday, Ross & Bridget's Anniversary, etc.). 

So it was a labor of love, but worth it, since this is one gift that will actually get some use.
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