Monday, September 12, 2011

Fair Trade USA Program Book

I got to work quite a bit in InDesign last month (InDesign is a cousin of Photoshop, but it is mostly for multi-page text layouts), and actually enjoyed myself. I'll admit it, if I had a choice between drawing some cute, happy animals and laying out a 24 page catalog, I would pick the cute animals :) BUT- there is also something nice about using simple, clean design to organize text so that it can be read easily, especially if it's for a cause near and dear to my heart, like Fair Trade.

I designed this program booklet for the Fair Trade USA conference held this past weekend in Philadelphia, which was sponsored by wonderful, forward thinking companies like Ben & Jerry's, Ten Thousand Villages and Green Mountain Coffee

 I also volunteered at the conference and had a great time! I got to meet Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry (he says his favorite flavor is Cherry Garcia and is best eaten with Newman's Own Chocolate Alphabet cookies, hehe). Here's me and my sister working the registration table.

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