Monday, April 9, 2012

House Industries Lecture

I was so psyched to attend the recent Philly AIGA House Industries lecture. I spent most of my college years lusting after the fonts in their beautifully designed catalogs, so it was incredibly amazing to see them in person. They are seriously the rockstars of type. (please excuse crappy photos taken by my cell phone in low light, they don't do their work justice!)

Rockstar poster design by House Industries for John Mayer!

The main focus of the lecture was to introduce their photo lettering service - PLINC. Instead of buying an entire font, you can now buy a custom "type setting" of up to 40 characters, (not including spaces) for just $7 (and potentially less if you sign up for a subscription to the service). Best of all, the type comes with few restrictions, meaning you can use it FOR ALMOST ANYTHING - making it perfect for logos, headlines, or where ever else you might need a unique font.

Below is a shot of PLINC in action:

 But wait, there's more! From now until April 15, you can download 3 type settings for FREE, using coupon code PHILLY (do I sound like an infomercial yet? ;)

For more information on how PLINC works, click here.  If I've already convinced you it's the greatest thing since Photoshop, then start using it now.

-If you are not already familiar with House Industries, prepare to be awed by their amazing work. And sign up for a catalog and some free fonts while your at it!

***UPDATE: Here are 2 quotes I made at work using my free type settings - (they will be sold as large wall decals at a national retailer this fall).

using "chicamakomiko"

using "whimsy"

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