Friday, May 25, 2012

Brooklyn Art Library & 4x6 Exchange part 2

Last month, I was in New York city to see a show at Webster Hall and I figured I better make a quick stop at the Brooklyn Art Library and finally see the place I talk about so often.  I registered, got my library card and looked through 10 or so sketchbooks from the 2011 tour, created by artists living all over the world. It was a really intimate experience, I felt like I was snooping through people's personal diaries. I especially liked one from a college girl from Ohio, who took her time starting her sketchbook, then procrastinated working on it, then tried to hurry up and finish the entire 40 or so remaining pages in under a week (she failed, and apologized profusely to the reader for not completing it, hehe, it reminded me so much of someone I know ;)).

I highly recommend checking out some sketchbooks for yourself! If you're local to NYC, last year's books are available to be read 7 days a week at the Brooklyn Art Library on 103A North 3rd St. The 2012 books are touring the country from now until September (the Philly stop is Aug 23-24!). Check out the the complete tour schedule HERE.

I also did a little bit of quick life drawing on my trip- first I tried to draw some people from the concert - (I was by far the oldest person there - the vast majority of people were waaay under 18, that was a bit humbling, I guess I've reached the age when I'm supposed to start attending sit-down concerts, or better yet, enjoy televised ones from the comfort of my couch....?)


Next, I tried to draw people on the subway, but I don't recommend it, it was bumpy, hard to get a seat, and people don't seem to stay on for many stops (at least Philly is good in this aspect!). I also hate when I pick the perfect person to draw; someone who is visually interesting, is sitting in my view, and isn't likely to notice me drawing them (very important!),  then I start drawing them and they get off at the next stop, grrrrrrr....... I'm not asking for much, 4 minutes would be perfect!

(I think that last guy saw me drawing him and wasn't too happy about it...)

Last but not least, I got my art from the 4x6 exchange! ( Do you remember mine from March?

It's a cute collage piece done by artist Linda Peterson, who blogs at Interesting, both our pieces featured birds and have a similar color palette. If you saw them both together, you could probably guess that each artist would appreciate the other's work (or at least I hope Linda likes mine as much as I like hers!). I wonder if Art House planned this? 

(Linda's art above! She also has a lovely etsy shop Dear Hazel, with lots of cute things!)
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