Monday, June 18, 2012

Maiga Milbourne Logo Design

Above is the the final color version of a logo I finished a few weeks ago. I am really starting to get this logo design process down to a science :) Setting limits on the number of edits, writing a design timeline before starting, and guiding the client throughout the process, is making every new logo I design go smoother than the last. I'm going to share some tips in a "what I've learned"  post very soon!

the first 3 logo ideas from client's suggestions:

 Sadly, my hand-drawn version came out a bit too "art nouveau" and was nixed early on (though it would make a FANTASTIC logo if Maiga ever decides to tour with the Allman Brothers, haha).

 final grayscale version ( You can see how it has changed a bit from the first comp):


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