Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Birthday Thank You Card

Just wanted to share a quick thank you card I made for my daughter's birthday last month.  I chose a photo of her to be the main focus of the card, but I wanted to add a bit of decoration to make it a little more fun :) 

I was lucky to have a great photo to start with, though I did change the wall in background from tan to grey so it would be more neutral and not clash with the rest of the bright colors in the card. I found a few whimsical fonts, but it still was looking a little plain, so I used my Wacom tablet to draw some doodles around the words - use could also draw with your mouse or download some free sketchy doodles like these. I was very happy with the end result and how quickly I was able to pull it together - I was able to complete the whole project in a little more than an actually addressing and filling the cards out is a different story - those things sat on my desk for more than a week ;)

Fonts used: Quentin Caps

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