Thursday, August 28, 2014

Emily Royer Show at Yell Gallery

I don't get out to as many gallery show openings as I'd like, so it was especially wonderful to catch up with my old classmate, Emily Royer, at her recent opening reception at Yell Gallery in Philadelphia.

Emily and I were both Illustration majors at UArts (and even worked at my first design job together!), though we have since went very different artistic paths, Emily venturing more into fine art, and I going towards graphic design.

Have to share: One of Emily's senior year Illustration pieces from UArts

I was always impressed by her painting ability in school, and I continue to be in awe of her work. She has a great painterly style.

Detail of one of Emily's paintings

I especially love how she captures subtle (and sometimes awkward;) expressions and feelings in her paintings. She had a few that were inspired by old family photos, not the ones you'd frame and hang in your living room, but the ones that were captured when no one was posing.

Awkward Family Photo : I love how the people are positioned, you get the impression there's a lot of tension in this room
She has been busy painting these last few years, and had a pretty substantial body of work. I'm looking forward to her next show, keep up the great work, Emily!

Emily Royer, not posing for my photo
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