Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Owl Birthday Invitation

After my social media class last month, I've been *trying* to post more regularly on this blog, so I'm going to share this invitation I recently made. I'm breaking my former rule of only sharing work after the event has passed, and in this case, before some of the invites were even mailed ;)

I usually make a Halloween themed invite for her birthday every year, but this time decided to go with some fall woodland creatures. She is obsessed with snails, so I had to include one. The mushrooms & owl were my personal choosing, but I did ask what color she wanted them to be and she said "Rainbow!".

So here is my attempt at a "rainbow" fall color scheme. I think it came out OK, but has some room for improvement, so I will be re-coloring with 2 different schemes in the next couple weeks.

As I was inking the owl, I had a major case of dejavue, "I feel like I've drawn this owl before.....". Because as it turns out, I have, more than once. So much so, I've made a blog label for them.
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