Friday, June 11, 2010

TB Hagstoz Sign Update

Three months ago, I shared with you a sign I had designed for the outside of the TB Hagstoz store on Jewelers Row in Philadelphia, PA. At the time, I had just finished the long, long process of finding a sign company to print the sign without going over the modest (as far as sign-making goes) budget. After meeting with owner of a particular sign shop, going over specs, choosing materials & uploading the design to their ftp site, I asked the owner if I could see a printed proof of the sign before they printed the full size one. This is when everything went downhill.... After acting confused as to why I might want to see how the colors would print before they made a huge 42 x 60 inch sign and bolted to the outside of a building, he said they didn't really print proofs, but okay fine, he would print it the next day and would call me to let me know when it was done....and that was the last I ever heard from him, ever. 

So on to Plan B.... Completely fed up with with the entire local sign industry, most of which I had to BEG to give me a price estimate, I decided, fine, if you don't want my business, I will paint the darn thing myself. And so, with the help of Loews, Sherwin Williams, Sheffield Bronze (who made the ONLY commercial grade gold metallic exterior paint I could find) & fabulous custom made vinyl stencils...i did. 

the end.

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