Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Logo Process

Last week I finished a logo design for the fabulously talented photographer, Brittany Claire of 4littlemen& girlytwins fame (Okay, I admit it, I have been a huge fan & reader of her blog for nearly 3 years now, perhaps even obsessively checking for updates while I should be working, hehe)

Here is the process I went through before getting a final design that she liked (she's an artist too, so she was picky :))

1. Brittany sent me links to several other logos & photography websites that she liked. This helps me get a good feel for the typography, style & colors she was most interested in. She also made some suggestions she'd like to see: a cool camera, use of {brackets}, and/or a flower. From these I came up with the following comps.
2. Next, she picked #1 as her favorite, but wanted a few tweaks, like: change the font, change the color scheme, and add brackets around "photography".  From these suggestions I came up with the next round of comps.

 3. Again, #1 was her favorite, but she wanted the flower colors and connecting flower stem of #2. So from this, I came up with..............

..............The Final!!!

And here is what it looks like as a watermark on one of her photos:

 Next up is working on her photography website, which she is updating in preparation for her Photography Road Trip tour this winter. Check out her site here to see the cities she will be appearing in and book your session!  

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