Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shhhh......the secret to how I draw -REVEALED!!

Now that the holidays are long gone, I wanted to talk about the Christmas Card I made for 2011.

yeah, this one. 

(a HUGE improvement over my cards of Christmas Past, but I'm getting off topic).

More specifically, I want to talk about this guy.

.......and how he was created.

I'm not one of those "I draw everything perfect the first time, no need for revisions" people. I wish! I actually draw the same thing over and over, using tracing paper over my drawings to refine each step. Ah, there you have it, the secret of how I draw has already been revealed, dang, No need to read on.

But anyway, before he was that guy,

he was this, a face in a dust storm of crappity crap crap.

I focused in on this bunch of scribbles, because I thought it had potential.

So I traced over it using my tracing paper and a 2b pencil, added a body and got this:

Slightly better, but still needs work...let's try again.I should also add that I took some reference shots of a model (okay, my mom) wearing a hat and holding a dog leash so I could be sure I got the pose right.

Ohhhhh! I like where this is going, one more time! But this time using black markers...

Sweet, success! 

Okay, now do that 10 other times with various other elements and piece everything together using our friend, Photoshop. Depending on the project, I might also turn the final into a vector drawing, though I didn't for this particular one.

Now, I really need to get started on a new drawing for the landing page of my website, oye!
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