Monday, October 28, 2013

TB Hagstoz Branding

I had a fantastic time at the Philly Social Venture Institute conference this past weekend! I met lots of great people and learned so much to improve my business. I handed out so many my business cards, I ran out.  It also made me realize I haven't updated this blog in awhile and I have several projects I wanted to share.....

Earlier this summer, I had the privelidge of working on branding materials for 114 year old jewelery supply company, TB Hagstoz. A few years ago, I had designed and painted a sign for the outside of their retail store, and they had been using the image as an unofficial logo, but didn't have any consistant branding.  

I modified the design to work as a business card, and had a group photo shoot at their store. I am not a photographer, but I can fake it when necessary ;)  The end result was a business card with each employee's name on the front and a photo of them on the back. They became a bit of a novelty item with their customers, who wanted to collect them like trading cards, lol.

Next, I designed a header for their website and also added photography to their site.

Here's the site BEFORE the facelift:


Ahh, I love it when things match :)) 
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