Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lauren likes to Design

The title of this blog may be "Lauren likes to draw", but there hasn't been much actually drawing lately. Even though I went to school for illustration and would spend up to 8 hours a day drawing, over the years I have gradually become more of a graphic designer. Not only do the jobs pay better, but there is more of them.
(an old sketch book page, click to enlarge) 

I spent a few years designing concert posters (see here), and made an attempt to be a portrait artist (see here), both of which were fun, but not very financially rewarding (and I have 14k of student loan debt!). 

(Chalk drawing and charcoal drawing both from 2002!)

So in an effort to remember my drawing days, I signed up for a basic drawing class at a local art center. I've only had one class, and it was spent listening to the instructor talk and drawing different tones (from pure white to pure black) and basic shapes. I was disappointed, but I also remember in art school, we spent an entire YEAR drawing this stuff, before we were finally allowed to copy some master drawings and draw basic anatomy. 

                  (anatomy drawing, done in pencil) 

(copy of a master drawing, done in water color pencil)

So in the next few weeks, I plan to post some of my new drawings (which will be mostly still lifes (...yawn), though the teacher mentioned the last 2 classes will be drawing portraits (yeah!!!). Stay tuned.
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