Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Pictures with Santa - Marketing Campaign

Wow, I think that must has been my longest lapse between updates, ever. But it's not that I haven't been busy, in fact, just the opposite....which is why I haven't posted :)

Last month I got to work with ProsDigital on a HUGE project - a logo, website, flyer, and multiple email blasts for Cherry Hill Photo (If you live in the South Jersey area and have taken your child to see Santa at the mall, then you have probably seen my work!)

First, I designed a logo for their new website...

Next it was a brand new website, which enable customers to download a free digital  version of their Santa photo. I can't take credit for the structure of the site or the variable data programing, that was done by ProsDigital :) However I used a new program, Adobe Muse, to make the site a lot prettier. This was my first time using Adobe Muse and I like it so much better than Dreamweaver. The site is live at mypicturewithsanta.net, but you won't be able to view all the pages without a photo code.

Next up,  a flyer which is given out to all their customers when the get their Santa photos taken.

And finally, an email marketing campaign for when people order their online photos. There are several versions of this, depending if the customer has ordered their photos yet or not.

I have a few more projects I had also finished in the last month, but I will save them for the next post, I have some online Christmas shopping to do :)))

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